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Mondo Porras & Les Covington are teaming up together to bring back old school chopper shows.

Mondo Porras & Les Covington are teaming up together to bring back old school chopper shows.
May 1, 2015 vueadmin

Mondo Porras & Les Covington are teaming up together to bring back righteous and correct old school chopper shows.

“We’ve been friends and share the same passion for old bikes and culture, so being partners was a natural fit”.

Mondo of Denvers Choppers needs no introduction, he’s the “Godfather of Choppers” and has been building custom bikes since 1967. Les Covington owns Covington’s Motorcycle Shoppe in Portland Oregon, and has been building bikes that have been recognized, featured in magazines, and Awarded at many shows.

Les says “We want to bring together people who love the old school motorcycle culture and bikes”
The Shows will be focused and diciplined, in that they will feature primarily pre 1970 choppers, bobbers, diggers, and cut-downs.

In the future Mondo & Les plan on expanding into bike events that bring together people that love old school bikes and culture for a fun weekend of shows, exhibits, music, food, games, and camping.

If you know any old school chopper fans who want to have us come put on a real deal chopper show let us know.


“Doing it old school”

Les & Michelle riding through the Black Hills at Sturgis on his 49 Pan

Les Covington

“Heart of Gold” Panhead Chopper built by Les

Heart of Gold

Check out the Easyriders video interview with Les telling the story of this great bike build.

Comments (3)

  1. Steve Laeger 11 months ago

    Outstanding it’s good to see the cream rise to the top

    Much respect

  2. Cosmo 10 months ago

    About to buy an older 1200 Sporty its what I can afford…. Would like to go up 4 and out 6 with a springer then drop the seat a few figure I can hide behind the tank in the rain could we work something out on these mods?

    • Author
      vueadmin 10 months ago

      Hey Cosmo, older Sportsters are a great platform for building a great bike. I’ve informed Mondo and he will will be contacting you to work out the details. Denver’s Choppers Bike Show is coming up on July 1st at Hollister Rally and Mondo is busy getting bikes finished up for the show. Holler if he doesn’t get back quick enough and I’ll remind him. If you’re down for a kick ass old school bike show, come visit Mondo in person at the Hollister Rally on July 1st at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Hollister, CA.

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